Oral history of British science

Woodworth, Philip (Part 3 of 9) An Oral History of British Science

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    British Library studio, London and Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, Liverpool

  • Interviewees

    Woodworth, Philip 1949- (speaker, male)

  • Interviewers

    Merchant, Paul (speaker, male)

  • Abstract

    Part 3: [1:10:39] Comments on chemistry teaching, BGS; artificiality of divisions between scientific disciplines. [3:58] Mentions church attendance; playing of badminton/cricket/tennis. Comments on friendships, BGS. Mentions Saturday evening dances; buying of pop music. Comments on dress as a teenager; conduct at dances; relations with girls. [10:39] Comments on parents views on proper conduct. Mentions unmarried status. [12:49] Comments on political views as teenager. Positive comments on Harold Wilson [HW]. Story of discussion of Vietnam War at University of Durham [UOD] interview. [16:03] Further comments on HW. Comments on parents conservatism/church going; father’s community voluntary work. [18:34] Story of own Presbyterian church attendance, up to late teenage years. Comments on own experiences of religious faith; social value of church; limited church attendance as adult. [24:21] Comments on parents’ relationship. [26:25] Comments on own/father’s views concerning morality of nuclear weapons. [31:20] Story of application for AEA university scholarship; application to universities, including UOD. [39:23] Mentions dates of physics degree, Hatfield College [HC], UOD, 1967-1970. Comments on college accommodation. [41:25] Mentions social drinking culture, HC, UOD, linked to sport. Comments on tribal, competitive character of colleges; social life; own playing of racquet sports. [43:57] Comments on lack of interest in political clubs; context of political protest; development of own political views at UOD. [46:24] Comments on friendships/relationships, UOD. [49:01] Comments on relations between students taking different subjects, HC, including view of physics/geography. [51:23] Comments on status of physics at UOD, late 1960s; status of science in relation to arts. Story of arrival at UOD with father. Comments on class differences between scientists and non-scientists. [57:09] Further comments on class differences among students, UOD. [59:44] Comments on first lecture by Arnold Wolfendale; other lectures. Mentions workshop training. [1:03:04] Comments on teaching of particle physics [PP], third year; PP research group, UOD; ‘standard model’ of PP, involving quarks, anti-quarks, mesons. [66:51] Comments on/discussion of reasons for pursuing postgraduate research in PP.

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    Interview with oceanographer Philip Woodworth

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