Oral history of British science

Land, Frank (17 of 18). An Oral History of British Science.

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    Computer Software

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    Interviewee's home, Ivybridge

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    Land, Fred Frank, 1928- (speaker, male)

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    Lean, Thomas (speaker, male)

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    Part 17: Further comments on influence of KP on FL; later work of Lakatos and Kuhn; benefits of hermeneutic approach applied to systems, with reference to a Gordon Davis paper. [04:55] Remarks on: loving the LSE; period of dissatisfaction over Rudy Hirschheim situation; AL and FL's long service at LSE; disagreeing with the creation of the LSE Department of Management. [07:27] Comments on decision to resign over treatment of Rudy Hirschheim. [10:11] Remarks on: colleagues Tony Cornford and Barbara Farbey, joining him at LBS; Barbara Farbey's career and work in software engineering; LSE reactions to his resignation. [12:17] Comments on activities at LBS: heading small group; setting up IS, following work of Peter Keen; considering he failed to establish IS at LBS. [13:00] Comments on a Europe-wide project on software management, problems of working on such projects with many different groups and perspectives. Remarks on: Arthur Andersen commission on evaluating information systems; FL's dislike of consultant's best practice approach; importance of consultancy work to LBS. [19:32] Remarks on: being happy at the LBS; enjoying providing a sceptical view on mainstream approaches, importance of anomalies; failing to get IS work accepted as a mainstream subject at the LBS; nature of IS in business schools, importance of marketing rather than disciplines. [23:15] Comments on life outside work in 1980s: family, socialising; sharing much in common with AL's work; friends; FL chairing local Labour Party branch and being a candidate for London County Council. [26:02] Remarks on interest in left wing politics: a school campaign with AL; heckling conservatives at meetings; joining Labour Party in 1960s; resigning at invasion of Iraq, AL rejoining Party; FL and AL current activities in local politics. [30:05] Comments on: internal politics at the LSE; surprising number of Labour supporters at LBS, including David Curry and Ed Balls; disapproving with Labour policies on Iraq and civil liberties; [33:22] feelings toward end of career at LBS, story about disagreements with LBS principle over Arthur Andersen work; feelings about retirement. [36:34] Comments on: PhD students such as Rudy Hirschheim, Richard Baskerville, Bob Galliers, Sam Waters; varied experience of PhD supervision, with anecdote about a conference in Germany; becoming an Emeritus Professor at the LSE. [41:14] Remarks on: honorary degree; IFIP award; AIS LEO award; being a UK equivalent to Gordon Davis.

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    Interview with computer programmer and information systems theorist Frank Land.

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