Pioneering women

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In-depth oral history interviews documenting the lives of pioneering British women who pursued successful careers in their respective fields long before it was the norm for women to do so. The interviews feature reflections about an interviewee’s early life and background, education and their careers.

The Fawcett Collection (catalogue no. C468) is a collection of interviews that were conducted by National Life Stories between 1990 and 1992 and funded by the Fawcett Society and the Friends of the Fawcett Library (now the Women’s Library LSE). The interviews focus on the lives of pioneering career women, each of whom made their mark in traditionally male-dominated fields, including politics and law. Some of these interviews were conducted by the award-winning author and journalist, Rebecca Abrams, for her book 'Woman in Man’s World: Pioneering Career Women of the Twentieth Century' (London: Methuen, 1993), which features a collection of 10 life story testimonies. Other interviews featured in this package are sourced from other National Life Stories projects, including An Oral History of British Science.

Oral history recordings provide valuable first-hand testimony of the past.  The views and opinions expressed in oral history interviews are those of the interviewees, who describe events from their own perspective.  The interviews are historical documents and their language, tone and content might in some cases reflect attitudes that could cause offence in today’s society.

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