Oral history of recorded sound

Kabaya, Tsuruhiko, wildlife sound recordist. Oral History of Recorded Sound

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    Wildlife sounds - Recording techniques

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    Sound Archive studios, Kensington, London, UK

  • Interviewees

    Kabaya, Tsuruhiko (speaker, male)

  • Interviewers

    Kettle, Ronald, 1923- (speaker, male)

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    [Interview conducted through interpreter.] Cutting acetate discs in 1950. Publishing Japanese bird songs in 1954. Field recordings and recording for Japanese broadcasting, broadcasting natural history programmes since 1957. Acquiring first tape recorder in 1952, recording in stereo and publishing in 1965. Devising his own stereo systems. Large number of bird and insect sound records published in Japan in the 1970s. Also recording amphibians and railway engines. Worldwide recording of bird song. Quadrophonic record published in 1973. 30-40 published discs using his recordings of over 1,000 species of birds. Popularity of insect sound in Japan. Current equipemnt, his preferences, some difficult experiences. Research on bird sounds using sonographs.

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