Observing the 1980s

Graham, Paul (Part 1 of 1). Millenium Memory Bank

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    Shipyard Closures

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    Interviewee's home

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    Graham, Paul, (speaker, male)

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    Jones, Virtue, (speaker, female)

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    Part 1: Born in Mam's house , crowded ABC Sts of High Barnes., opposite Bishop Wearmouth Church., modernise late 60s played out in the street. Barnes Park was a favourite playground., wrote a song about it in 70s. 6 in the family sister 15 years older, he's 2nd youngest., little one tagged along. Like his own sons now. talks about the toys they had, James Bond cars... Remembers midwife coming for brother's birth., it was normal to had the baby at home. Doesn't think children have the same freedom now...Takes them to school, Fear of the "Red Car" seen in Sunderland. Such things were unspeakable, who can you trust now. concerned about what is shown on TV and cinema... works in Media Centre at University of Sunderland and is sometimes shocked by thing students watch..Parents never used bad language, father worked in shipyards but was never roughly spoken at home. Good anecdote to illustrate. Grandmother read News of the World. , Graham feels a prude. Summer holidays in Yorkshire and Teesdale, remembered with pleasure. Lake District in dad's slow old cars., never went to a cafe, parents still don't. Primus stove. Recalls the pop man coming and comics. Don’t have newspaper delivered now. Lot of people went for holidays at the same location, lots to Weardale and still go there. Dreams of having a luxury caravan, but may be too old by then! 1st holiday away from parents, camping with friends. -17 Talks about teenage fashions, had a lot of hand me downs. First fashion came from catalogues. Underage drinking at The Rosedene. Mecca ballroom to hear Led Zeppelin. Talks about growing interest in music. Returns to the catalogue story and denied his shirt was mail order. Suit from Jacksons for work, wanted to be electrician but got Council job... a job for life! in housing Dept. Father started at Clark Chapmans. Went to Doxford's after war Glad to be redundant in 60s - always short of money , tired to be a taxi driver like grandfather Brother Bill at Bartram's yard. Now looking down the river it's completely different. Good description of the river side in its hey day. Very industrial town very good description.. of the yards and the men returning from work. 10 years since they closed, devastating Talks about the effects of closure, Hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Good comparison for father's and brother's experience of redundancy and irony is that daughter and he now work on the site of the closed shipyards, in new technology. Brave New World Story again of the closures well told. Sports days at the ship yard, Government reorganisation while working for Council in 1974, became part of Tyne and Wear.

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    Interviewed for Millenium Memory Bank

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