Observing the 1980s

Ward, Paul (Part 2 of 2). HIV/AIDS Testimonies

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    Interviewee's home, London

  • Interviewees

    Ward, Paul, 1962- (speaker, male)

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    Rickard, Wendy (speaker, female)

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    Part 2: Description of significance of Vancouver International AIDS Conference 1986, changing course of HIV treatment. Story of attending the conference [08:47]. Mention of personal decisions on treatments at time. Anecdote about concerns of interaction with recreational drugs [12:36]. Description of general renewal of HIV peer support around sharing treatment experiences. Description of Delta Campaign to lobby for treatment availability, mention of access in France, affordability and rationing debates, impact on mortality reduction and increases in UK numbers of HIV+ people. Description of position of key drug companies, recent drive for drugs to be easy to take and breakthroughs [22:30]. Story of leaving Positive Nation and job-share appointment at THT July 1997 in health promotion. Questioning prevailing wisdom for HIV service provision, PW's involvement in reorganisation of voluntary sector provision in HIV field from 1997. Anecdote about brutal decisions in relationships and counselling support needs changing. Anecdote about large increase in calls for advice services at THT and THT Direct. Description of reduction of volunteers. Anecdote about flowers on front desk at THT [35:49]. Reduction in community activism and fall off of state funding. Questioning HIV as special case [38:30]. Description charting HIV voluntary organisations, sustainability issues, subsequent mergers and THT's involvement in planning and operationalising the mergers and THT's strategic vision. Anecdote about pet sitting service and relation to priority needs [48:05]. Mention of changes in hospice and respite care components of services. Comment on 1990s debate about service diversity and choice Vs more monolithic provision [53:00]. PW's private reflections on personal career development at THT: media experience, marketing and fund raising, changing title. Description of own health from 1997, holidays and home improvements. Moved house 2001. Anecdote about paying mortgage [59:00]. Mention of father dying and collapse in PW's CD4 count and subsequent illness. Description of decisions to start Anti Retroviral Treatment [01:09:40]. Description of changes in consultants used at Kings: Anton Posniak, then Chris Taylor. Description of how share treatment information and decisions. Mention of changes in 'long term survival' definitions and 'non-progressor'. Changes in life expectancy. Contrasts between UK and US strategies on treatment decisions and options. National statistics and trend on proportion of people with HIV taking treatments [01:18:45]. Description of UK HIV surveillance systems and recent trends in infection rates in UK [01:26:35]. Description of THT international work, 'Positive Lives' exhibition, prevention resources, lobbying. Discussion of HIV positive people working in organisations [01:31:18]. Description of personal change in energy levels with treatment over last 5 years. Description of THT work in last 5 years: HIV organisation mergers and service priorities [01:36:26]. Description of P's recent contribution to NHS: Non-executive Director appointment 2002-6 for South East London Strategic Health Authority, chairs South East London Project Board and Council [01:43:44]. Mention of future hopes and dreams. Audio pen picture of what looks like, where lives, what drives and how feels about life. Reflections on taking part in interview.

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    Interviewed for the HIV/AIDS Testimonies project

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