Jewish survivors of the Holocaust

Farber, Jacob (1 of 2) Holocaust Survivors Centre Interviews

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    Refugee from Nazi Europe

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    Holocaust Survivors Centre Interviews

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    interviewee's home

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    Farber, Jacob, 1912- (speaker, male)

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    Feather, Jill (speaker, female)

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    Part 1: Born and was brought up in BERLIN, GERMANY. Had an orthodox upbringing although they didn't live in a very Jewish area. Father's name was GERSHON. Both his parents came from GALICIA. His older sister was born there in 1905; his next sister, who died earlier this year, was born in 1907. The family came to BERLIN in 1908 and he was born in 1912 followed by a brother, David (1913) who lives in Stamford Hill. Does not remember any of his grandparents. Went to a non Jewish school, but attended Hebrew classes every day after school from 3.00 to 6.00. Had to leave school at fourteen, although he had been offered a place at the gymnasium. But by this time his father had died (1924) and his mother could not afford to let him stay on. Went to work for a fashion house which he loved. (1926¬30or3 1). That business had to close and he immediately found another position, even though there was high unemployment at the time. Described the work he was doing. After this he decided he needed a trade and he learnt to be an upholsterer. 1938 KristalInacht -they had to go into hiding. Eventually he went over the border to Belgium. His younger sister managed to get over to ENGLAND as a scrubber. Mother and older sister stayed in GERMANY. (Eventually murdered). He described how they were killed. His younger brother got to ENGLAND but his wife and child were murdered in 1944. Described how he smuggled himself into BELGIUM. (31st December). His money was taken from him. Some of the people he first met were very kind to him -but he moved away from the Jewish area and took a room with a non Jewish household. Eventually he got to OSTEND and got himself onto a boat going to ENGLAND. End of Side A

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