Jewish survivors of the Holocaust

Abraham, Elizabeth (2 of 3) Holocaust Survivors Centre Interviews

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  • Subjects

    Camp experiences

  • Recording date

    1998-07, 1998-10

  • Is part of (Collection)

    Holocaust Survivors Centre Interviews

  • Recording locations

    Interviewee's home

  • Interviewees

    Abraham, Elizabeth, 1931- (speaker, female)

  • Interviewers

    Lackmaker, Nomi (speaker, female)

  • Abstract

    Part 2: Description of atmosphere prior to occupation. Account of family’s attempt to leave using false papers. Account of day of occupation. Description of the establishment of the ghetto. Account of anti-Semitism of local population. Account of father being transported to work in different towns. Father eventually transported to Auschwitz and survived. In June 1942 family transported to Debrecen (the next town) by cattle truck. Memories of local populations being pleased at transportations and of a single act of kindness by the wife of a local pastor. Memories of arrival at Debrecen. No housing, left for days in town square with the whole Jewish population of Debrecen. Selections taking place. EA, her brother, sister and mother were on a list of people to be transported to Austria. Family transported to just outside Vienna, to Wiener Neustadt. Description of journey. Journey lasted many days, little water and little food. On arrival taken to assembly point, stripped and sent to shower. Accommodated in a school building, account of living conditions. Organised for work. Moved once more to another suburb at Floritzdorf. Memory of constant bombing raids. Brother selected to dig trenches and transported. Memory of escape of mother, sister and EA during the chaos of the bombing raid. Taken in by an Austrian family, hidden in a shelter. Liberated by the Russians. Fed and accommodated in another school building, account of return to Budapest by train. Learnt of survival of both father and brother. Account of how they met coincidentally at Mauthausen camp. Account of how they supported each other and thus managed to survive. Account of time in Budapest attending school and the absurdity of attending school following her experiences. Account of father and brother’s return.

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