History of the Common Cold Unit

Acornley, Jennifer. The Common Cold Unit Recordings

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    Interviewee's home, Coombe Bissett, Salisbury, U.K.

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    Acornley, Jennifer, (speaker, female)

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    Tyrrell, David, 1925-2005 (speaker, male)

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    Tyrell, David

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    She grew up in suburban London. Her father was a barber but she liked natural history when young. After school she read microbiology in Bristol at a time when such courses were uncommon. She enjoyed the course and after graduating went to work in hospital microbiology in the Midlands. Then she heard that Rosemary Hassars, who had been a fellow student, had enjoyed doing virology research at the Common Cold Unit but was going to leave. She liked the reports on the place, the programme and the chance to live on the edge of the country and in due course she was appointed at Salisbury. She worked on a number of projects which, in retrospect, were pioneering. She found antibodies to RSV in cattle sera, she explored the attenuation of rhinoviruses for possible use in vaccination and she studied a very early antibiotic with possible value as an antiviral. She was interested in painting, went to an art class, met and married the art lecturer, had two children and lived in Coombe Bissett where she was a warden at a nearby downland nature reserve.

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    Microbiologist and virology researcher at the Common Cold Unit.

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