Eyre, David (7 of 10). Food: From Source to Salespoint

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  • Subjects

    Chefs; Restaurateurs; European cuisine

  • Recording date

    2011-03-18, 2011-03-30, 2011-06-21, 2011-09-28

  • Recording locations

    British Library, London

  • Interviewees

    Eyre, David, 1961- (speaker, male)

  • Interviewers

    Dillon, Niamh (speaker, female)

  • Abstract

    Part 7: Talks about socializing on Friday night at the Africa Centre in Covent Garden, London when he was The Eagle; mentions the African musicians who performed there. Mentions his relationship with Michelle, eating out at the Mangal in Stoke Newington, socializing with friends. [00:05:21] Buying his house in Hackney: socializing at home, his love of dancing and live music, anecdote about seeing a performance at The Barbican. [00:08:24] His lack of self-consciousness – playing music at home. Talk about cinema; his dislike of gory films [00:14:12] theatre (his wife works in the theatre). His hobbies; his interest in building and fixing things, explains why he likes using his hands. [00:19:17] Discusses how he relaxes: talks about writing articles for magazines like Arena – talks about how he needs a deadline. [00:22:35] How he reacts to stress: managing stress in the kitchen. [00:26:13] Other situations he finds stressful: his dislike of airports. [00:28:12] DE discusses his view of politics and politicians – [00:31:] his view on greed and ambition, his dislike of people working during lunch, what he does on holiday. [00:34:41] Talks about religious faith: questioning faith when he was a teenager – [00:36: 53] discusses life after death. [00:40:28] Relationships: explains how he met and married his first wife Emma, discusses his relationship with Michelle, [00:46:06] describes how he met his wife Pip (Philippa) – how she had been to the same school as DE in Swaziland – describes the school Waterford [00:54:33] continues talking about how he met Pip. DE describes Pip – contrasts their characters. [00:57:58] His proposal to her – describes their wedding at their friends home in Portugal [01:03:30] mention the Icelandic ash cloud which erupted at the time – [01:05:22] talks about his feeling of “otherness” – roasting a lamb for Pip’s birthday. [01:07:37] Describes the relationship with his brother Rob – his gift for music – talks about Rob’s different jobs, his influential role in The Eagle, the decision to set up Eyre Bros. [01:12:14] Rob’s music at Eyre Bros. DE discusses their relationship. Talks about how Rob lives with their mother in the north of England – talks about how Rob and DE moved from being shareholders to employees at Eyre Bros. Rob’s popularity with customers. [01:19:14] DE discusses his close friendships: his friendships at school, his close adult friends, Tim Pyne, Pete O’Brien. [01:24:53] Discusses how people confide in you when you run a restaurant – anecdote about forgetting people’s names. [01:27:43] Discusses anti-smoking legislations and its impact on restaurants – [01:32:00] the pleasure DE gains from smoking – [01:35:10] discusses smoking on airplanes. [01:37:02] DE explains how he started writing for Arena magazine – how he met Nick Logan in The Eagle, [01:41:53] work on the Food Programme on Radio 4, mentions appearing on Excess Baggage and returning to Mozambique, discusses appearing on television. [01:45:42] discusses the growing popularity of food in print and broadcast media. His dislike of food elitism – contrasts food on sale in France – his ideal mix in his restaurant [01:49:] discusses the costs associated with running a restaurant, comments on the food on sale in Hackney. [01:52:20] Contrasts diet of poor people in Europe and England. [01:54:02] Discusses the effect of cookery programmes on the nations eating and shopping habits [01:58:50] story about visiting a village in Portugal and their eating habits.

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