Stedman, Ronald (2 of 32). Food: From Source to Salespoint

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  • Subjects

    Meat industry

  • Recording date

    1999-09-08, 1999-09-30, 1999-10-28, 1999-11-17, 2000-04-20

  • Recording locations

    Interviewee's home and Butchers' Hall, London

  • Interviewees

    Stedman, Ronald, 1917-2009 (speaker, male)

  • Interviewers

    Courtney, Cathy (speaker, female)

  • Abstract

    Part 2: Tape 1 Side B: If RS were young and had money, would go to New Zealand, buy land and farm on a big scale. More details about Sarah, her second hand clothing and grocery shops. RS knows about Sarah through his father who was eight years old when she died. Sarah employed girls to look after her children whilst she ran her businesses. Grandfather remarried, step-mother disliked Sarah’s children; constant rows. Grandparents lived in Fulham, twice yearly visits by tram. Details about grandfather and stepmother and their flat. Grandfather worked for approx 35 years in restaurant at Blackfriars, details. Step-mother spent capital Sarah had left. Step-grandmother had son and a daughter of her own but RS never close to them. RS’s father suffered from deafness. Father’s lack of ‘go’ irritated RS, later realised that deafness contributed to this. Father’s brothers and sister, Will, George, Edie. Father, Albert Edward Stedman. RS felt affection towards his parents, but contrasts lack of cuddles with own way of raising children. RS’s mother a strong character but over-anxious, RS only one of the three siblings who fought her. RS was not allowed a bicycle, to go out on his own etc. RS’s brother was killed in hired aged 22 when RS 17; the night before he died RS told him he was going to buy a bicycle despite their mother. RS waited two months before buying bicycle, mother didn’t speak to him for months. Father was at ‘ordinary’ school in Lewisham and had rheumatic fever aged approx 8, probably linked with his deafness. Father was a draper, apprenticed to big drapery houses, lodging with others in old house in Blackfriars Bridge Road, anecdote. Knowledgeable about silks and cottons, worked for John Lewis, Harvey Nichols. RS spent part of his life (between approx 18-20) in soft furnishing industry, Derry & Toms, John Lewis - likes colour. In later life became involved in alteration of old houses. Father always felt ill-paid, RS thought he probably didn’t deserve any more. Father enjoyed singing in a choir, otherwise no apparent outside interests. RS’s maternal great-grandfather was a ‘Spurgeon’ man. Spurgeon’s Tabernacle, Elephant & Castle, very fashionable in mid-Victorian times. C.H. Spurgeon ‘the preacher of his day’. Mother went to church with RS’s father. Mother used to sing ‘The Lost Chord’. Parents’ religion. Details of father’s brothers and sister. Will became a chef like his father. George died aged 19 of TB. Edie met an Australian during WW1 and went to live in Australia, where she had children.

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