Welch, Robin (1 of 7) National Life Stories Collection: Crafts' Lives

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    2008-01-29, 2008-02-05, 2008-02-26

  • Interviewees

    Welch, Robin, 1936- (speaker, male)

  • Interviewers

    Hughes, Hawksmoor (speaker, female)

  • Abstract

    Part 1: Robin Welch [RW], born Nuneaton, Warwickshire, 1936. Comments on paternal grandparents, their house on stilts in Glenfield, Leicestershire, grandfather worked for Post Office. Remarks on maternal family all living on one street in Nuneaton. Short description of great aunt who was a homeopath. Description of paternal grandparents, grandfather, Arthur Welch’s garden. [07:56] Description of father, upbringing, only child, career in the Post Office, sporty. [10:45] Long description of maternal grandparents, their fourteen children, small Victorian terraced house, grandparents’ surname Snow, grandfather’s employment, detailed description of house, grandmother’s ear trumpet. Comments on local textile industry, mother and aunts worked for Courtaulds textile mill. Comments on mother’s happy childhood. [19:53] Remarks on parents’ meeting and marriage. Comments on grandparents’ religion and politics. [21:40] Story about parents and mother’s siblings buying houses on Long Shoot, Nuneaton. [22:23] Long description of Second World War air raids, mentions Coventry, story about shrapnel in brother’s cot, [27:43] Comments on mother’s close-knit family, playing with cousins. Short description of Christmas. Comments on RW’s toys, bicycle. [30:54] Long description of RW’s brother, Malcolm [MW], RW and MW’s relationship, MW’s application to the Parachute Regiment. Comments on RW’s contact with brother and cousins as an adult. RW’s feelings about Nuneaton. [36:30] Description of mother. Description of parents’ deaths from breast and lung cancer, remarks on their living with RW in old age, RW’s relationship with parents. [41:15] RW’s thoughts death, joke about a Chinese potter who throws himself into his kiln. [43:48] Description of parents’ 1930s house in Nuneaton, father’s DIY. [46:49] Description of mother’s cooking. [48:11] Comments on attending Vicarage Street School, then Higham Lane Secondary School, remarks on enjoying art and sport. Description of RW as school boy, girls, cycle trips. Remarks on not going to Grammar School [54:49] Description of art classes, remarks on wanting to be a farmer, aunts wanted RW to be a doctor. Short description of school uniform. [58:37] Description of headmaster, mentions the cane. Description of kind art teachers. [01:00:35] Comments on RW’s contact with girls, mentions girlfriends. Description of evening and weekend activities, drawing, listening to ‘Dick Barton, Special Agent’ and ‘The Goon Show’, mother played piano, remarks on RW hating music teacher, mother’s sing-songs around the piano. Story about singing to grandma. Remarks on parents’ listening to radio. Comments on family holidays. Remarks on parents’ relationship. [01:07:32] Comments on studying at Nuneaton Art School for a term before moving to Cornwall. Story about RW’s whole family including aunts and uncles moving to Penzance, Cornwall, mentions Uncle Bill. [01:10:00] Description of studying at Nuneaton Art School, mentions RW’s first pot, painting, story about meeting with a fellow student, Peter Colquitt, fifty years later. Remarks on RW’s interest in becoming a farmer.

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