Wondrausch, Mary (5 of 9) National Life Stories Collection: Crafts' Lives

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  • Recording date

    2007-09-20, 2007-09-25, 2007-10-03

  • Recording locations

    interviewee's home, Compton, Surrey

  • Interviewees

    Wondrausch, Mary, 1923- (speaker, female)

  • Interviewers

    Hughes, Hawksmoor (speaker, female)

  • Abstract

    Part 6: Comments on not being presented a court. Further short description of MW’s marriages and of WW’s background as an architect. [03:49] Comments on giving birth at home, remarks on children’s names. [05:45] Description of living in the country, remarks on MW being shown how to light a fire, managing alone with three children. Further description of the breakdown of MW and WW’s marriage. [08:50] Short description of the garden at Brickfields, remarks on the former owners, MW’s interest in growing vegetables. Description of MW’s relationship with mother, remarks on MW as a grandparent. [12:00] Comments on artists’ egocentricity, remarks on needing silence. Comments on MW seeing the world through history. [13:20] Short description of Brickfields, a sixteenth/seventeenth century house, remarks on MW always having a daily servant, making children’s bunk beds. Mentions owning a donkey, bantam chickens. [15:33] Description of family holidays in France and Spain staying in friends’ villas, remarks on MW’s trust-fund, mentions staying in Cadaques, Catalonia, [18:24] Remarks on Duchamp being MW’s hero, mentions ‘The Bride Laid [Stripped] Bare By Her Bachelors, Even’ and urinoir [‘Fountain’]. [21:40] Comments on children attending the local state school, remarks on class differences between MW’s children and their school friends. [23:00] Description of MW’s Surrey wagons and milk float. Description of MW’s social life, mentions the Godalming Society. Description of MW’s small cookery school and lessons in entertaining, remarks on not owning a television. [30:20] Remarks on drawing and painting in MW’s studio in the house, description of the paintings, comments on not having formal training as a painter. [32:20] Comments on working like a labourer in the garden. Remarks on not doing housework. Remarks on MW’s children wearing beautiful clothes, comments on MW designing her own clothes. [36:06] Description of teaching art at Barrow Hill School, comments on bringing culture to the pupils, becoming disenchanted, building a pottery in the school. [40:37] Further description of Brickfields, remarks on the changing function of the rooms, mentions Christmas. Remarks on studying early methods of cookery. [45:52] Long description of attending adult education classes in pottery at Farnham School of Art, mentions Henry Hammond and Paul Barron, Pam Faulkner, MW’s relationship with the technical assistant, comments on MW being different to everyone else, learning to throw, deciding to work in earthenware. Remarks on seeing continental slipware Comments on seeing English slip-ware in the Fitzwilliam Museum. [52:00] Description of other students’ work, mentions Barbara Coles, mentions MW’s proto Hans Coper pots, remarks on being too impatient to work in tin glaze. Comments on Bernard Leach’s pottery and book. Remarks on wanting to make pots to be used for food, turning a foot ring. Mentions Siddig el Nigoumi. Remarks on studying in the library. [58:42] Comments on seeing the Lucie Rie and Hans Coper exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, remarks on MW’s stoneware pots. Mentions beloning to the Society of Designer Craftsmen. Comments on Bill [William] Newland’s slipware. [01:01:18] Short story about deciding to set up a pottery, mentions John Ablett. Comments on MW’s disruptive presence at Farnham. Description of setting up a pottery in Godalming, story about making ashtrays for Johnson’s Wax, story about making commemorative plates for the Queen’s silver jubilee and selling pots through ‘The Observer’, the ‘Financial Times’ and ‘The Times’ newspapers. [01:06:44] Short description of gaining skills and techniques in slip-trailing and glazing, mentions MW’s slip-trailer. Mentions buying materials from Potterycrafts.

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