Wondrausch, Mary (6 of 9) National Life Stories Collection: Crafts' Lives

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    2007-09-20, 2007-09-25, 2007-10-03

  • Recording locations

    interviewee's home, Compton, Surrey

  • Interviewees

    Wondrausch, Mary, 1923- (speaker, female)

  • Interviewers

    Hughes, Hawksmoor (speaker, female)

  • Abstract

    Part 5: Description of setting up the pottery continued, marketing and packaging, range of pots, remarks on the need to change and develop the pots. [06:10] Description of MW’s philosophy, comments on defining herself as a craftsman. [09:08] Description of MW’s leftwing politics, mentions the Liberal Democrat party, Gordon Brown. Story about the need to be realist about money, remarks on not making money from soup bowls. [12:05] Description of pricing work, remarks on being a gift maker. [14:41] Remarks on spending money on food and wine, description of MW’s dresses made by Terry Macey. [17:25] Story about moving workshop to a shop in Farncombe, Surrey, then to Brickfields (1984), mentions holding residential seminars. [20:10] Comments on starting a career as a mature woman, mentions the menopause. Remarks on having to make a living. [22:43] Description of dealing with patrons. [23:50] Remarks on MW’s book ‘Mary Wondrausch on Slipware’ (1986), writing for the Oxford Symposium on Food [and Cookery], ‘Ceramic Review’ , remarks on reading widely, description of the writing process, mentions contributing to the ‘Oxford Encyclopaedia of Food’, the ‘[Oxford] Dictionary of National Biography’ and ‘Petit Propos Culinaire’. [27:25] Long description of producing ‘Brickfields’, mentions Michael Tighe, ‘World of Interiors, comments on the number of publications on MW’s house and garden, description of MW publishing ‘Brickfields’ herself, mentions Anne Hayward, MW’s photographs, text, Tom Jaine, dealing with printers. Remarks on reviews in ‘The Sunday Telegraph’, ‘World of Interiors’ and ‘Petit Propos Culinaire’. Remarks on launching the book at Hatfield house [pottery and ceramics festival]. Remarks on the book making a profit, comments on the cost and distribution. Comments on not using email. [37:57] Description of MW’s strict account keeping, remarks on employing a secretary and help in the pottery, house and garden. [40:15] Comments on MW’s need for structure in her life to allow her to be free, remarks on the tyrannical nature of slipware. Quotes from Braque.

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