LaTrobe-Bateman, Richard (5 of 10) National Life Stories Collection: Crafts' Lives

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  • Subjects

    Furniture making

  • Recording date

    2005-04-12, 2005-04-21, 2005-05-06, 2005-05-23

  • Recording locations

    interviewee's home, Somerset

  • Interviewees

    La Trobe-Bateman, Richard, 1938 (speaker, male)

  • Interviewers

    Hughes, Hawksmoor (speaker, female)

  • Abstract

    Part 5: Description of RLTB’s magical moment making while making a high backed chair at the RCA. Comments on liking Arts and Crafts furniture. Story about seeing his table in Liberties’ window display and distancing himself from fine art. Long description of RLTB’s high back chair made at the RCA, remarks on dismissing it as it was too traditional. Long description of a second high back chair made ten years later developed out of the first chair. Comments on it not being credit worthy in the craft world whether or not a chair is comfortable. Remarks on not being happy with the image of craft world. Mentions the first chair belonging to Cheltenham Art Gallery. Remarks on not showing the first chair while at the RCA and on feeling defensive of his work at the time. Description of furniture shown at the RCA, mentions that it was made by a technician at the college. Remarks on it not being respectable to make ones own work at the RCA. Description of learning to make things in wood. Description of RLTB’s aesthetics developed from DP’s ideas. Remarks on RLTB’s training as a designer, mentions Geoff Lawson. Mentions visiting North Heigham saw mill Norwich, and liking the saw marks in the wood [30:00]. Comments on the importance of economy in design. Description of fellow students’ furniture, mentions Jeff Lawson, David Colwell and Roger Dean[RD], Jane Dillon, Floris Van Den Broeke. Description of RD. Remarks on there being no market for furniture designers, comments on the price of furniture. Comments on an ultimate goal of making something fresh, effective and affordable, remarks on David Colwell fulfilling that aim.

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