LaTrobe-Bateman, Richard (3 of 10) National Life Stories Collection: Crafts' Lives

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  • Subjects

    Furniture making

  • Recording date

    2005-04-12, 2005-04-21, 2005-05-06, 2005-05-23

  • Recording locations

    interviewee's home, Somerset

  • Interviewees

    La Trobe-Bateman, Richard, 1938 (speaker, male)

  • Interviewers

    Hughes, Hawksmoor (speaker, female)

  • Abstract

    Part 3: Remarks on emigrating to America for a year, short description of sailing on the Queen Elizabeth II and the United States ocean liners. Description of RLTB’s thesis on the shape of the motorcar made while at St. Martin’s. Remarks on meeting William Mitchell at GM and his reaction to RLTB’s thesis. Remarks on not responding to popular culture. Further long detailed description of RLTB’s thesis, includes detailed comparison between the Castle and the Royal Scot locomotive steam engines and between the Hunter and the Super Marine Swift jet fighters. Remarks on designing bridges and roads that express directionality. Remarks on being thoroughly interviewed at GM and on GM’s copying of his thesis. [30:00] Story about learning wax clay modelling, remarks on having a natural aptitude for modelling three-dimensionally. Comments on having no plan for his life when he moved to America. Mentions working for Deer Bond Steel Tubing. Story about wanting to escape the being called up to the American army and returning to England. Story about mother’s reaction to RLTB’s return. Story about working for Deer Bond Steel Tubing, RLTB’s dispute with Vince Gardner [VG] and VG’s bad reference. Remarks on getting a place at the Royal College of Art furniture school. Description of working as a stylist for Roots car manufacturers, story about Ford buying David Hunt from Roots. Comments on looking down on the RCA while at St. Martins, remarks on not being happy at the RCA due to its superficiality. Mentions Christopher Frayling. Remarks on the embarrassing banality of the car design at the RCA. Story about RLTB quoting lating to Sir Frederic Deighnton during a Crafts Council committee meeting and making Christopher Frayling laugh.

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