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Life story oral history interviews with people involved in British branding and design industries.

An Oral History of Wolff Olins (catalogue no. C1015) consists of a series of forty commissioned interviews recorded between 2001 and 2003 with directors and staff of international branding consultancy Wolff Olins. The interviews cover a broad range of individuals at all levels of the company, reflecting its origins, its growth and development, the shifting business climate, key accounts and clients, its impact in the sector, and the company's unique ethos. Interviewees included founders Wally Olins, Michael Wolff and Jane Scruton who set up the business in Camden Town, London in 1965; Chief Executive Brian Boylan; Managing Director Charles Wright; designers, consultants, marketing and creative directors past and present; also kitchen, administrative and support staff.

Oral history recordings provide valuable first-hand testimony of the past.  The views and opinions expressed in oral history interviews are those of the interviewees, who describe events from their own perspective.  The interviews are historical documents and their language, tone and content might in some cases reflect attitudes that could cause offence in today’s society.

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