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Remnant, James, (Lord) National Life Stories: City Lives (9 of 26) National Life Stories: City Lives

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    1993-16-12, 1994-08-02, 1994-02-03, 1994-22-03, 1994-14-04, 1994-24-05, 1994-01-06

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    City Lives

  • Recording locations

    National Provident Institution offices, London

  • Interviewees

    Remnant, James, (Lord), 1930-, (speaker, male)

  • Interviewers

    Courtney, Cathy, 1954- (speaker, female)

  • Abstract

    Part 9 (tape 5 Side A): One partner in Touche Ross was a Mason, JR attended guest night. Christian network in City, low-key but there. National Provident Institution being pushed as NPI for image reasons. JR eight years as Church Commissioner. Colleagues at Touche when JT first joined. Tommy Neville. Paul Hyde Thompson. 1970s Touche Ross Bailley and Smart, later Touche Ross. Three generations of Remnants, three generations of Touches and three of Leroy Lewis, all moved through City in successful way since beginning of century, details. Bill Ritchie, managing partner who ran firm; JR believes Touche Ross's success is due to good management. Difference between Touche Ross, accounting firm, and investment trust companies connected with Touche family. JR's father had nothing to do with Touche Ross. Touche Ross had accounting practice and an investment management practice - couldn't happen now because of conflict of interest. JR's father member of investment trust side of business. JR became a partner in accounting practice in 1958. Cedar Investment Trust was one of the trusts managed by Touche Ross; JR's father was on board, JR was asked to join board, too. Atlas Electric, an independent company of which JR's father became Chairman, JR joined board. JR had always wanted to be involved in investment world. 1957 when became a partner in Touche Ross, JR asked if he would be able to become more involved in investment management side, didn't want to be full-time accountant. JR went to see Michael Verey at Schroders for advice when was asked to become partner at Touche. Michael Verey a hero for JR, reasons why. Verey a family friend, one of the most successful City figures of his generation. Details of JR's working life between qualifying and becoming a partner. Australian Mercantile Land and Finance - JR was on the board of this before becoming a partner in Touche Ross; Michael Verey and John Prideaux also on board, led to travel in Australia and Argentina. Was later a director of Australia & New Zealand Bank, based in London with mainly English board.

  • Description

    Interview with James Wogan Remnant, 3rd Baron Remnant, Director of the Bank of Scotland (1989–1996).

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