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Remnant, James, (Lord) National Life Stories: City Lives (1 of 26) National Life Stories: City Lives

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    1993-16-12, 1994-08-02, 1994-02-03, 1994-22-03, 1994-14-04, 1994-24-05, 1994-01-06

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    City Lives

  • Recording locations

    National Provident Institution offices, London

  • Interviewees

    Remnant, James, (Lord), 1930-, (speaker, male)

  • Interviewers

    Courtney, Cathy, 1954- (speaker, female)

  • Abstract

    Part 1 (tape 1 Side A): Interview 16th December 1993. Was given Mrs Thatcher's memoirs, regards it as a duty to read it. Born in London 23 October 1930. Parents had been married for seven years. Lord Remnant, first child, sister Susan seven years younger, now married to Alan Tyser, former partner in Hoare Govett. Full name James Wogan Remnant, third Baron Remnant of Wenhaston. Family pedigree reaches to the 1500s, details. Memories of paternal grandfather, his house in the parish of Walgrave (where family still lives) etc. Grandfather won Stock Exchange Derby Sweep, important to his fortunes. JR's City salary not enough to keep up family country house, so moved into smaller property owned by family. (JR director of Australia & New Zealand bank, travelled in 1960s.) Aged 9, moved out of London because of war, JR and mother went to live with paternal grandparents, Bear Place. Reason why grandfather was ennobled; background in politics and business (tea in India, brewing in Britain). Grandfather a London County Councillor, then MP for Holborn; made peer in 1928 for contributions to government. Grandfather's campaigning for better hours and a pension for the police. Paternal grandmother a powerful personality. Link with village of Wenhaston in Suffolk. Paternal grandmother's background. JR's father educated at Eton, term at Oxford before joining army in WWI. After army, father became a City stockbroker; fought in WWII; took seat in House of Lords; returned to stockbroking until approx 1953 when Donovan Touche died and father moved into fund management to help fill the void. Impression of City in father's time, operating on insider information because of different ethics. Relationship with father during childhood interrupted by war. Father's City reputation; good advice to people with large assets in railway or government stock. JR's academic career, specialised in languages. Decided to get chartered accountancy qualification rather than go to university. Had done National Service.

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    Interview with James Wogan Remnant, 3rd Baron Remnant, Director of the Bank of Scotland (1989–1996).

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