Smith, Richard (13 of 24).  National Life Stories: Artists' Lives

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    2010-09-15, 2010-09-16, 2011-10-03, 2011-10-31, 2011-11-04, 2015-06-24

  • Recording locations

    Interviewee's studio at Patchogue, Long Island, America; British Library, London; Richard Smith’s 2011 exhibition at Flowers, Cork Street gallery

  • Interviewees

    Smith, Richard, 1931-2016 (speaker, male)

  • Interviewers

    Courtney, Cathy, 1954- (speaker, female)

  • Abstract

    Part 13: [Session five: October 31 2011] [2:56:32] [sound of mobile receiving messages] Feelings about being in England having been in the country for three weeks; American television RS watches; comments on friends in England, mentions Peter Blake, Joe and Jos Tilson. Feelings on returning to America, 1978; renting building on Lafayette Street, New York; using cocaine; [This section closed for 20 years until September 2036 [00:10:06-00:10:57]; using cocaine; [This section closed for 20 years until September 2036 [00:11:31-00:14:56] Denny staying with RS in New York. [This section closed for 30 years until September 2046 [00:16:54-00:22:47] [‘then after graduating he [Harry] went to’]. Mentions moving to loft on Warren Street, New York; Edward. [21:13] RS’ son, Harry, education; RS mentions moving to West Broadway. Harry’s working life, his wife, Bernadette; RS staying in Greek Street, London, when Harry announced engagement; mentions visiting Louis Hodgkin; mentions going to look at outside of former home in Chippenham. Further comments Harry. [27:45] RS’ life in relation to convention. [This section closed for 30 years until September 2046 [00:31:28-00:34:15]]. Theatre productions by Peter Brook RS has seen; degree to which he goes to opera, including during present trip to London. [38:15] Bill Haley, Buddy Holly and other concerts RS heard in London with Peter Blake c 1961; music halls; mentions was at Bob Dylan’s first electric concert, Albert Hall. Rock and pop concerts in New York. Dylan. Records RS played in studio, taste in music now. [47:20] RS’ current time in London; Tate Modern, Gerhard Richter exhibition. Marco Livingstone. [52:30] Degree to which RS has used photographs in relation to his paintings; print from c 1963 of cigarette packet; degree to which has used projections. Work with Flowers storage in Chalk Farm; recent visit to the store. [55:30] RS’ prints which are folded when shown. RS prints on several sheets tied together. Enjoyment of making prints; mentions Bernard Jacobson’s commissions for RS prints. Making etchings. RS’ Butterfly prints. [1:02:50] Paintings RS saw recently in Flowers storage; his group of diamond shaped paintings; exhibition at Jay Grimm gallery, New York. Comments on his two and three dimensional shaped canvases. Comments on wanting many focal points in his paintings; grids. Edges of RS paintings. Mentions stripes in his work. [1:16:20] RS’ retrospective exhibition at Tate, 1970; architect, John Monkaster/Muncaster. [1:18:30] RS’ grisaille painting, Postmark and related series; show with Tony Shafrazi’s gallery, New York. Roberta Smith, New York critic. Painting with oils, with acrylic. RS in Bernard Jacobson mixed exhibition in New York. Colours RS uses a great deal; being referred to as a colourist. Finding his past work looks fresh. [1:30:40] 2011 visit to Paris including galleries visited, films; Louvre, paintings seen there in relation to RS’ own; [Frantisek] Kupka paintings seen at Pompidou; Musee de Quai Branly. [1:46:40] Work of Yves Klein, whose work RS saw early in London. 2011 visit to Versailles; Bernard Vernet sculptures. [1:51:44] Dinner in London for FS’s 2011 exhibition. [1:57:00] 2011 visit to Stephen Buckley, Stevie Buckley; Buckley a Newcastle student when RS first met him c 1963, RS a visiting tutor, project with rainbow tent. Jennifer Bartlett. Brief comments about Mark Lancaster. Stephen Buckley, Stevie Buckley. [2:11:30] Richard Tuttle. [2:13:05] RS and use of knots and rope in his work; kite paintings; refers to William Rubin buying RS work for MoMA from Kasmin. [2:17:30] Being in London with RS’ family, 2011; Royal Academy service and reception to remember John Hoyland; Arts Club, Dover Street, Peter Blake. RS’s 80th birthday dinner; RS’ painting in the restaurant, a past commission from TC. RS’ family accommodation in London, 2011. [2:32:00] [This section closed for 20 years until September 2036 [02:32:00-02:36:20]] [2:36:25] Seeing Joe and Jos Tilson, Julia Hodgkin 2011; memories of living in Wiltshire. [RS coughs] [This section closed for 10 years until September 2026 [02:40:22-02:44:44]] Life in Wiltshire. RS godfather to Jake Tilson; Jake’s wife, ceramicist, Jennifer Lee, known as Jeff. [This section closed for 50 years until September 2066 [02:50:11-02:51:12]] [2:51:13] RS in London 2011; galleries; Alan Cox, printmaker. Refers to Butler’s Wharf, to RS’ commission for TC’s restaurant, Bluebird. [lunch break]

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