Hoyland, John (4 of 21).  National Life Stories: Artists' Lives

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    2005-03-22, 2005-03-30, 2005-04-02, 2005-04-13, 2005-05-02, 2005-05-05, 2005-05-19, 2007-07-24, 2007-08-22

  • Recording locations

    Charterhouse Square, London and Castelnau, London

  • Interviewees

    Hoyland, John, 1934-2011 (speaker, male)

  • Interviewers

    Gooding, Mel, 1941- (speaker, male)

  • Abstract

    Part 4: Tape 2: Side B: JH’s impressions of overnight stay in Paris en route to Provence Spring 1953. Compares with life in England. Explains his angry letter to Yorkshire Education Authority for grant to stay on after being accepted at RAS. Offered small grant. Details accommodation, meals, austere London social life. Meeting girl in 3rd year at RAS; her pregnancy; their marriage. Details effect on JH of first few months in London. Books he was reading. Friendships with Paul Huxley [PH], Keith Arnatt [KA], Ian Potts [IP]. Buying chipboard for painting in Poland Street wood shop, no canvasses then. Describes his large painting. His attitude to fellow students. Rooming with Australian painter Slade student, details. Kindness of RAS Keeper, Peter Greenham [PG]. JH sharing a flat with BF. Latter’s influence on JH. BF at Royal College of Art [RCA]. His knowledge of contemporary art. Details his move towards simplification in his painting 1957-60. Description JH’s move towards abstraction. Visits to National and Tate Galleries, details. William Scott [WS] and Keith Vaughan [KV] sympathetic tutors at RAS, details. Compares courses at Slade and RAS. JH’s typical day at RAS. Details progress of his friends MT, MC, BF.

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