Macintosh, Kate (7 of 17). National  Life Story Collection: Architects' Lives

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    2016-04-16, 2016-04-17, 2016-05-22, 2016-05-28, 2016-05-29, 2016-06-25, 2016-06-26

  • Recording locations

    Interviewee’s home, Winchester

  • Interviewees

    Macintosh, Kate (1937-) (speaker, female)

  • Interviewers

    Franklin, Geraint (speaker, male)

  • Abstract

    Part 7: Attitudes to historic architecture and the architect Carlo Scarpa. Conservation of historic buildings. Influence of Scarpa on the Edinburgh architect Richard Murphy. [00:05:00] Desire to leave Edinburgh on graduation; applications to British Council [BC] scholarships to Mexico, New York and Warsaw. Interest in Polish cinema. Uprisings against Soviet Union in Hungary; liberalisation of regime in Poland. Journey to Poland via Greece. Story of border controls on train journey. Meeting with BC representative; accommodation in student hostel; Polish lessons. [00:13:32] Remarks on KM’s politics; political views of RHM. French cultural influence in Warsaw. Resilience of the Poles; remarks on Kraków. Description of food market in Warsaw; war-damaged buildings; reconstruction of bombed areas; life in old town of Warsaw. [00:27:36] KM’s work in experimental design office for pre-cast concrete structure. Standards of workmanship in construction. General remarks on prefabricated construction, the Ronan Point disaster and defects in large panel construction. [00:38:00] Holidays in Masuria, a lake district; Polish diet. Architectural club at Warsaw. Remarks on housing in the Eastern Bloc. Interest at Edinburgh School of Architecture in Scandinavian architecture. [00:45:38] Description of Polish film Kanał [1957]. Mentions application to study in Mexico. Evidence of Warsaw uprising.

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    Life story interview with Ursula Bowyer (1937-), architect.

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