Brady, Angela (10 of 10)

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    2013-05-02, 2013-05-13, 2013-10-02, 2013-12-13, 2014-02-05, 2014-10-08

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    Royal Institute of British Architects, London

  • Interviewees

    Brady, Angela, (speaker, female)

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    Dillon, Niamh (speaker, female)

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    Part 10: AB talks about Mastmaker Road, Isle of Dogs, Ballymore were the developers and had just won an Irish Post Award. [01:09:23] BM relationship with Ballymore – first job on Pan Penisula in London. [00:02:31] Importance of networking in establishing new clients – AB on how comfortable she is with the PR side of the business. [00:04:10] AB describes the environment around their building, Mastmaker Road, in the Isle of Dogs. [00:05:55] AB on the scale they had to consider when building Mastmaker Road (it is within range of Canary Wharf). [00:07:05] Materials used for Mastmaker Road: brick, timber, aluminium cladding, the materials are lighter at the top. Explains that Mastmaker road had to provide social housing as part of the larger development of Pan Penisula, it is a mixed scheme with social and key worker housing. {00:09:55] Local engagement with the community and local school, providing a community centre as integral to the building, sports facilities, green provision for birdboxes and small gardens. [00:13:14] Centralised provision of heating, access to light and external space. Accommodating families in lower floors flats. The plan is an E space so landscaping has been incorporated into the design to provide facilities for tenants. [00:17:25] Explains how the different housing types are integrated into the site at Mastmaker road. [00:19:52] AB on the Parker Morris standards of accommodation – there is now a Mayor’s standard for housing, mentions costs of accommodation in London. [00:22:25] Explains how the tenants were selected for Mastmaker road, provision for social housing that AB worked on in Laycock Street in Islington. Forging communities in social housing. [00:24:12] Importance of social housing. [00:25:34] Mentions how planning relationship with Tower Hamlets. Relationship with the client Ballymore, their other projects in Docklands, the quality of their team. Ballymore owned the land so were client and contractor. [00:28:16] Ballymore had their own in-house planning and engineering teams. Budget and cost control. [00:30:13] AB says the built design was very close to the one that achieved planning consent. Building schedule: BM had four architects working on the project, contact with the client and the team, communication on the project, site visits, progress photographs. [00:35:16] AB feelings about the building being occupied. Press reception to Mastmaker Road, importance of awards. [00:38:45] Discusses managing work flows (90% of architect practices are under 10 people). [00:40:40] Filming the construction of the London Olympics and Paralympics 2012, AB is working on a book recording the buildings and structure. AB on the design and legacy of the London Olympics. [00:44:39] AB wore a campaign dress for the Drop the Ban at the Olympics which is now at the Museum of London – explains what was on the dress [00:46:34] explains how she made the dress by photocopying and sticking on images. [00:48:18] Describes the new television series she is working on commissioned by RTE ‘Designing Ireland’ on architecture, place and craft for RTE. [00:51:38] Selection of those who will appear, wide appeal of series. Effect of recession on design in Ireland. [00:54:41] Increased awareness amongst the public about architecture. Role of the architect, environmental challenges.

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