Gowan, James (3 of 10) National Life  Story Collection: Architects' Lives

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    2012-06-20, 2012-09-18, 2012-12-05, 2013-10-22, 2013-11-12, 2013-12-04

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    Interviewee's home, London

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    Gowan, James, 1923-2015  (speaker, male)

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    Dillon,  Niamh (speaker, female)

  • Abstract

    Part 3: Track 3 [00:59:00] [Session three: 5 December 2012] Describes a recent project he has been working in Milan, Italy. [00:05:33] Usual forms for building types. [00:06:38] Describes drawing instruments he used – explains which drawing instruments he used as a student in Glasgow. [00:11:12] Describes his course at Glasgow School of Art– students studied the classical orders and learnt by drawing [00:18:45] JG explains why the classical orders were used as a basis for architectural education in the 1920s. [00:21:33] Mentions the atmosphere in the studio – the intensity of the course and consequent high standards – describes in detail the student work in his portfolio featuring the classical orders. [00:30:21] Length of time he spent on student drawings [00:34:23] describes another student drawing made when he was 17. [00:36:23] Mentions the technical aspects of the course at Glasgow ‘tech’ – the high expectation that students would be able to complete the course. [00:43:54] Discusses what the architectural education prepared students for – his early work with Wylie Shanks and Wylie – remembers working on lettering for a tombstone. [00:49:21] JG reflects on whether he felt he had made the right choice in choosing architecture as a profession. [00:52:12] Recalls fire-watching during the Second World War and reading architectural books in the office. [00;55:53] Architects that influenced JG - Andrew ‘Greek’ Thompson.

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