Goldfinger, Peter (18 of 33) National Life Story Collection: Architects' Lives

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    Interviewee's home, London and the British Library

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    Goldfinger, Peter, 1933- (speaker, male)

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    Courtney, Cathy (speaker, female)

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    Part 18: Dorothy Moreland¹s children, Francis and Jill. FM was in army at same time as PG. DM¹s house and people PG met there, eg Paolozzi and Mai Zetterling, Sam Wanamaker. Source of DM¹s money; husband a surgeon. Discussion of Michael Strachan (following MS’s recent death). MS had been a hero for PG when he was a child. Enoch Powell attended party atWillow Road, was indirectly a client at this time. [Interference on tape]. PG embarrassed by EG as a prep schoolboy. PG would go to sites with EG during school holidays. PG¹s firm had job of doing services for Trellick Tower. Ken Dale a good engineer.[CC gets PG to describe Trellick Tower - terrible interference at this point and then it suddenly clears]. Service tower is connected to residential block every three storeys by passages approx 20 feet long. Idea was that service tower would have all the noise and the residents would be separated from it. Trellick Tower flats now very popular. Nursery school inbasement when first built; residents would throw rubbish from their balconies into nursery garden. Big garage for the residents (now demolished because cars were vandalised). Bad things happened to building due to neglect. Handing over from GLC to local authority. Things being gradually remedied now that building is listed. Repeat of description re service tower because of previous interference. Memories of going to top of building when it was finished and seeing kestrel. Enhancement of EG¹s reputation as attitudes towards the building have changed. EG¹s main enjoyment was in creating the building, minded less how it was received. James Dunnett¹s tour of EG’s buildings included Trellick Tower; PG¹s memories of this. PG¹s feelings about the people who lived in the Tower. Recap of PG¹s professional links with the Tower. Dale and Benham, consulting engineering practice whom PG worked for got contract to design services for the building, late1960s. PG tried not to be too involved in this. Interesting problems thrown up by the Tower eg boilers mounted in top of Tower. Designs had to overcome pumping water to top of building for domestic use and fire-fighting. Emergency generators. Flood in basement because sewers backed up into it.EG wanted resident engineer on site. Pushed for early building management system to monitor performance of the building; GLC and local authority didn¹t support this and things were allowed to run down. Authority didn¹t maintain a caretaker even though EG had designed a flat with alarms for caretaker. Building now has security staff again. Ken Dale (now deceased) famous within industry. KD was President ofInstitute of Heating and Ventilating Engineers. PG became a partner with KD in Dale and Benham. Colin Benham retired. PG and KD joined up with Ewbank and Partners, took on major projects, eg hotel and conference centrein Rhyiad and one in Mecca.Did London Ark at Hammersmith.eG¹s commitment to tower block. Objections to the Trellick Tower being built, including from friend of PG who thought it would overshadow Notting Hill; EG argued his case. PG’s pride in the Tower. PG’s awareness of architectural design from young age. EG good at teaching re architectural qualities. Some of EG’s buildings have been messed up.Elephant & Castle; colours; cinema that was destroyed by developers just before it was listed. House for EG’s brother in Brussels which brother and others added to; EG dismissive of their additions. EG’s tower by Blackwall Tunnel, description; EG and UG lived there for a month, publicity as a result.

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