Goldfinger, Peter (17 of 33) National Life Story Collection: Architects' Lives

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    Interviewee's home, London and the British Library

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    Goldfinger, Peter, 1933- (speaker, male)

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    Courtney, Cathy (speaker, female)

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    Part 17: Anecdote about Margaret Gardiner, who was close to Ursula G and would go swimming with her. Further details ICA in Albermarle Street. False ceiling. Jazz concerts. Roland Penrose. EG involved with ICA, knew Dorothy Moreland, secretary, dogsbody. DM’s husband was eminent physician, DM had been an actress. Francis and Jill Moreland, PG knew both and used to date JM. FM became a drug dealer; had been a good ski-er and was a sculptor, had been to RCA. Doesn’t remember particular ICA exhibitions. Later when PG was a consulting engineer, had ICA as a client. ICA became establishment once it moved to the Mall, PG has hardly been there since the move. Before move to Mall, ICA was a struggling organisation making contemporary art accessible. Alan Buchannan. Further details EG’s offices. Alan Buchannan and PG helped EG expand from one to two floors, built partitions. AB good at dealing with EG. John Winter, architect who worked at EG’s office for a while, austere; PG helped him build his house near Regents Park Road. Meeting future wife, Gabrielle Auerbach, at ICA; her parents were German Jewish, had split up before the war; mother had lived with the two daughters in Majorca, were rescued from Civil War by British Navy and taken to France; lived in France, were caught up in German invasion; two girls were sent to Convent prison, details; after War mother and two daughters joined up with father in London; father a businessman who had contacts with German industry, became representative of BASF and had other business interests. Nick is son of GA. PG and GA married for five or six years before breaking up, PG then to USA but kept in touch all the time. GA slightly older than PG. Holidays with GA before marriage including time in France in house rented by EG and UG, owned by architect called Badabitche on edge of Mediterranean, Corbusier lived nearby. After marriage, holiday in Italy, Sperlonga, fishing village between Rome and Naples. PG’s wedding to GA. Hampstead Registry Office followed by lunch party at Mirabelle, Curzon Street, family and witnesses. Party at Willow Road. PG was 23 when married, at end of second year at Cambridge. GA moved to Cambridge flat with PG. Marriage slightly cut PG off from his friends. GA a talented dressmaker, had travelled around the world. GA’s older sister had suffered more than GA and found it hard to settle down. PG lived on parental money at Cambridge, GA had money from her father. Once PG had a job tried unsuccessfully for children. Had married in 1956. N born in 1960. PG as a parent. EG and UG as grandparents. LG disappointed that PG got married. Relationship between UG and GA. GA stayed living in Willow Road flat when PG went to USA. Details living in downstairs converted self-contained flat at Willow Road. PG thinks it was a bad thing to move into Willow Road. Had had flat in Belsize Park for short time. EG’s mother alive when N born. N only child from marriage to GA. Met Faith in America, F came back with him when PG returned to GB. Came back for N. Divorce so could marry F, married in 1966. GA remarried, had another son, unhappy second marriage. Saw N regularly. GA and F got on well. PG supported N although not with large sums. GA died of cancer, approx late 1980s. F and PG had a child, Pippa, later adopted girl, Toni, now 29

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