Goldfinger, Peter (14 of 33) National Life Story Collection: Architects' Lives

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    Interviewee's home, London and the British Library

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    Goldfinger, Peter, 1933- (speaker, male)

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    Courtney, Cathy (speaker, female)

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    Part 14: PG’s schooling on return to England, went to Hall School in Hampstead, private day prep school. Was lost when returned to GB education. Parents sent him to Wellesley House School, which had been evacuated to Scotland and was run by aunt; details. School eventually returned to Broadstairs, PG there until age 13 when took Common Entrance. Time at Stowe School. Gavin Farringdon friend whom EG and UG visited in a stately home. EG called himself a ‘modern classical architect’ to differentiate himself from eg Corbusier and Lubetkin. Michael went to Haileybury rather than Stowe. PG’s O and A levels. Taught English by Clarke, had been in Navy, younger man, an inspiring teacher, T.S. Eliot. Read a lot in late teens and early twenties, especially during time in army; Steinbeck, dos etc. Didn’t stay a passionate reader although enjoys reading; eye problems didn’t develop until quite late in life. Likes historical biographies, fiction and non-fiction though reads novels less. Has done Open University courses since lost eye sight, details. Gained OU degree, is doing courses for pleasure. further details schooldays. Good at sport, enjoyed rugby football. Ethos at school; no fagging. PG always on the ‘slightly rebel’ side of things, was among three boys who didn’t get confirmed. Patrick Chorley, Philip Dennison, fellow pupils who didn’t get confirmed. One boy expelled for homosexuality. Chatted up the maids; PG resented not having any girls around. PG conformed on the whole. Was left-wing through parental influence whereas most of the boys were right-wing.

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