Invicta Military Vehicle Preservation Society. (2 of 2). Preserved Industry and Transport

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    Beltring, near Paddock Wood, Kent, UK

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    Bergonzi, Benet C.

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    Bicycles, Cars, Lorries, Armoured Vehicles, Motorcycles, Motorcycles (Royal Enfield WD/CO 350cc, built 1947), Motorcycles (Indian 741B 500cc twin), Motorcycles (BSA M20, built 1940), Motorcycles (Norton 16H, built 1939 ), Motorcycle (Unidentified), Cars (Unidentified Military Jeep), Lorry (Morris C4, 3.5 litre, 6-cylinder petrol engine medium lorry, built 1942), Cars (Dodge Command Car, built 1942 ), Lorry (Ford F22 medium lorry, built 1945), Lorry (Bedford QL heavy lorry, built 1942), Lorry (Bedford OY G.S. heavy lorry, built 1943), Lorry (GMC Troop Carrier heavy lorry, built 1943), Motorcycle (Royal Enfield WD/CO 350cc motorcycle, built 1947), Motorcycle (Indian 741B 500cc twin motorcyle), Motorcycle (BSA M20 motorcycle, built 1940), Motorcycle (Norton 16H motorcycle, built 1939), Cars (International M5 Half Track), Bicycle (Unidentified), Cars (Auto Union Munga, built 1963?), Cars (True Jeep, American), Cars (Unidentified Jeep), Armoured Vehicles (Possibly Stuart Tank) , Armoured Vehicles (Possibly Sherman Tank)

  • Description

    Recordings of the military vehicles belonging to the Invicta Military Vehicle Preservation Society.

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