Cambewarra soundscapes: Summer dawn chorus. Australian soundscapes 92/37

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  • Recording date

    1989-10-31 to 11-02

  • Recording locations

    New South Wales, Australia, Australia. Queensland

  • Performance occasion

    0345-0530 hours

  • Description

    Recording notes: The first parts of this recording were taken on the northern hillside of Cambewarra, with forest on steep sections, lightly timbered paddocks on terraces: frogs in marsh, crickets, Yellow Robins, Grey Fantail, Magpies, Kukaburras, cattle, Black-faced Monarch Flycatcher, Fantailed Cuckoo. Silvereyes, Grey Fantail, Lyrebird, Scaly Thrush, Whipbirds, extended Kookaburra chorus, White-browed Scrubwren, Grey Fantail. Whipbirds' 'humming-top' chorus begins to grow. Grey Shrike-thrushes, Grey Butcherbirds, Green Catbirds, Satin Bowerbirds, Lyrebirds, Black-faced Monarch Flycatchers (5'40"). The second part of this recording was taken on the south-western ridge of Cambewarra, just above the forest: Rufous Fantail, Lewin's Honeyeater, Satin Bowerbirds, Lyrebirds, Black-faced Monarch Flycatcher, two Whipbirds, two Golden Whistlers, Magpie, Raven (1'35"). The third part of this recording was taken in the forest itself: it features two parties of Logrunners, Whipbirds, Shrike Thrushes, Magpie, Wonga Pigeon, Striated and Brown Thornbills, Green Catbird. Brown Thornbill, Quail, two Grey Fantails singing a kind of round (3'00"). The fourth and final part of this recording was taken in a dense gully, surrounded by open paddock: it features extended Grey Shrike-thrush duet, with Black-faced Monarch Flycatcher, Grey Fantail, general chorus continues on hillside. Satin Bowerbird "swearing", Magpie, Brown Warbler, Ravens (4'40").

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