Interviews with wildlife sound recordists

Jez riley French interviewed by Mark Peter Wright (2 of 2)

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    French, Jez riley (speaker, male, interviewee)

  • Interviewers

    Wright, Mark Peter (speaker, male, interviewer)

  • Recordist

    Wright, Mark Peter

  • Abstract

    Track 2 [00:46:36]. [00:00.00] JRF reflects on a composition of adagios from English composers played back into a concert hall and re-recorded with contact microphones attached to various points of the architecture. Continues to discuss what defines and constitutes a field recording. [00:02.33] JRF discusses a recording of an ant eating an apricot and how getting closer to a recording subject can effect how we think as humans. [00:06.37] JRF discusses a contact microphone recording of a radio mast in Iceland and the importance of duration in listening. Continues to discuss aspects relating to permission and access whilst recording in public space. [00:10.42] JRF reflects on recording a footbridge from Italy and his process of going to a place and making a recording work. Continues to discuss post-production editing. [00:15.25] JFR discusses a composition of insect recordings made with hydrophones, parabolic and contact microphones. Continues to discuss the games industry and a particular bee recording made for Channel 4. [00:22.54] JRF reflects on a hydrophone recording of Dolomite iron ore dissolving. [00:25.54] JRF discusses a contact microphone recording of zip wires in Teleferica, Italy. Continues to discuss remote recording techniques and his relationship to the voice. [00:31.54] JRF reflects on a hydrophone recording of ice from Glenbrook Loch and continues to talk through chance as part of the recording process. [00:36.07] JRF reflects on a wire fence recording he made in Wensleydale whilst on a picnic with his daughter. JRF finishes by discussing what motivates him and the impact field recording has had upon his life [end of track]

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    Interview with Jez riley French (2 of 2) The field recordist plays back various recordings from his archive and discusses them.

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