Interviews with wildlife sound recordists

John Paterson interviewed by Mark Peter Wright (1 of 2)

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    Paterson, John (speaker, male, interviewee)

  • Interviewers

    Wright, Mark Peter (speaker, male, interviewer)

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    Wright, Mark Peter

  • Abstract

    Track 1 [00:47:49]. [00:00:00] JP reflects on his farming family upbringing and relationship to father. [00:04.40] JP discusses relationship to sisters and mother along with the influence of music and the piano within the family. [00:08.15] JP reflects on the experience of leaving school aged 18 going to New Zealand and being brought into farming by his father. [00:14.00] JP describes memories of working on the family farm in Wales circa 1956. [00:17.52] JP discusses farming during the late 1960s and his desire to innovate the traditional techniques and eventual move back to Hampshire. [00:19.50] JP discusses an agricultural trip to Papua New Guinea and how birds of paradise sparked an interest in wildlife sounds. [00:22.09] JP reflects on his fathers passing and consequent handling of farming business, which he managed out in order to free up his own time to travel and record wildlife. [00:24.14] JP Recalls first recording of wildlife on his revox tape machine and his growing interest in bird song identification. [00:26.20] JP discusses meeting Richard Ranft and Ron Kettle at the British Library in the mid 1980s, listening to Jean Roché’s recordings and the microphones which Roché gave to him, and that JP still uses today. [00:31.12] JP reflects on the WSRS and how the membership accommodated his social and referential needs, but that recordists would not go out together. [00:34.22] JP discuses his role with the WSRS and the changes in technology, people and subjects he has noticed over the years. [00:39.05] JP discusses the relevance of hobby and profession within wildlife recording and continues to talk about current themes and trends of wildlife submissions including the use of hydrophones (underwater) and contact (transducer) microphones. [00:43.28] JP discusses noise intrusion in Britain and his on-going relationship to wildlife recording in France. Continues to talk about his interest in mechanical sounds [end of track].

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    Interview with John Paterson (1 of 2). The wildlife recordist discusses his personal history and where his interest in wildlife recording began.

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