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Turdus torquatus : Ring Ouzel - Turdidae

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    W1CDR0001425 BD31

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  • Recording locations

    Dartmoor, Devon: OS Grid Reference(258500,80500)

  • Recordist

    Shove, Lawrence

  • Species

    Ring Ouzel, Turdus torquatus

  • Description

    The call of the ring ouzel recorded on Dartmoor, Devon. This summer visitor can be seen in upland areas of Scotland, Wales, northern England and parts of the southwest where they come to breed. During the migration passage however, the ring ouzel is more likely to be seen along the south and east coast of England especially on short grassland. Extremely similar in appearance to the blackbird, this species possesses a prominent white breast band and slightly paler plumage. Another distinguishing feature is a much simpler song and ‘tac tac’ call, in comparison with the blackbird’s rich repertoire. Recently the ring ouzel has seen a significant population decline which has led to it becoming a Red List species.

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