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Touch Radio 044: Laurent Jeanneau - Ghulja

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    Xinjiang, China

  • Performers

    Jeanneau, Laurent (producer, recordist)

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    Laurent Jeanneau: 'Xinjiang ("new frontier" in Chinese) or Eastern Turkestan is without doubt the first extremely sensitive zone in China, at least in terms of ethnic conflict between the Hans newcomers and muslim minorities who have a longer history of occupation of those areas. Spread from Mongolia to Afghanistan, it is the biggest Chinese province. I was in the north western part of Xinjiang in the prefecture of Ili, called Yining outside of China and Ghulja by the Turkophones, in May and June 2009...'. Performers are unidentified. Laurent Jeanneau: 'The radio mix contains unedited acoustic recordings made with a pair of Rode NT5 microphones with a Nagra ARES M digital recorder, and computer modified parts, sound collage and composed processed Dongbra (Kazakh 2-stringed plucked instrument) and Dutar (Uyghur long neck 2-stringed plucked instrument).' Programme first published on Touch Radio website, 17th September 2009.

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