Richmond, Susanna (6 of 10).  National Life Stories: Artists' Lives

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    2009-07-28, 2009-07-29, 2009-07-30, 2009-07-31

  • Recording locations

    Interviewee's home, Rounton, North Yorkshire

  • Interviewees

    Richmond, Susanna, 1923- (speaker, female)

  • Interviewers

    Westley, Hester (speaker, female)

  • Abstract

    Part 6: [00:27:17] A photograph album, dated 1934, compiled by EB; photograph of SR at age 12 taken at Great Kimball. [00:01:01] House at Wallington; activities while visiting house. [00:01:44] Horse riding during girlhood. [00:02:29] Stables at Rounton. [00:03:02] Photograph of sister Val playing in ‘Wind in the Willows’ at Oxford Rep. [00:03:41] Downing College in 1937; furnishing of Master’s Lodge. [00:04:28] SR’s childhood dog, White Wong of Wendover; Wallace, WR’s dog; pet lamb. [00:05:36] Details of a family photograph. [00:06:37] Frequency of family gatherings. [00:06:42] Photograph of Jewish man brought over by Richmonds. [00:07:21] Trevelyan family photographs; atmosphere of Trevelyan house and details of decorations; connection to Ruskin and his contributions to decor; pillars painted by Ruskin; stories about Ruskin’s descent. [00:09:40] Awareness of the treasures surrounding SR’s childhood; stories of Ming vases and porridge; distaste with the National Trust’s contributions to the house. [00:10:51] Meals at the house in shadow of a portrait painted jointly by Gainsborough and Reynolds; details of dining at Wallington. [00:12:26] Friendship with cousin Catherine, ‘Kitty’; description of her; her involvement with a reconciliation group between British and German musicians after WWI; the scandal of her marriage; her life in Nazi Germany and ultimate escape to Wallington with her children; later rendezvous with her; through her entered spiritual community, Subud. [00:17:36] Photograph of brother, WR, just after being called up for WWII; telegram to WR from HWR to appear before interview board. [00:18:45] Other images of Wallington. [00:18:56] Quick descriptions of photographs during wartime. [00:19:32] Reading of wartime announcements at Oxford regarding ration books. [00:19:55] Family photograph at Downing, 1941. [00:20:14] Flipping through photographs. [00:20:39] The details of packing for Oxford. [00:21:11] Details of lodgings at Oxford. [00:21:54] Daily structure of lectures and tutorials at Oxford. [00:22:51] Favourite places to study at Oxford; social life at university; social groups but ‘it was a sad time’; attendance at philosophy club. [00:24:39] Discussions among family; experience of first menstruation; the transition to womanhood; an anecdote about lack of maternality. [00:26:20] Silence in family regarding sexual and physical developments; gift of silk stockings from sister.

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