Kelly, Mary (5 of 10).  National Life Stories: Artists' Lives

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    2004-09-13, 2004-09-14

  • Recording locations

    The British Library, London

  • Interviewees

    Kelly, Mary, 1941- (speaker, female)

  • Interviewers

    O'Ryan, Lydia, (speaker, female)

  • Abstract

    Part 5: Tape 3: Side A: Background to MK's husband's intellectual milieu, education at Manchester University; refers to Louis Althusser, Gallimard Press and Jean Paul Sartre. MK talks about (Gianfranco Pannone ?), refers to Egyptian singer, Oum Kalthoum. Comments on beginnings of an International political culture in Beirut. Recalls visit of Ernest Mandel. Mentions husband translating Isaac Deutcher's work and Tamara Deutcher's soirees in London with guests like Ralph Miliband, Eric Hobsbawm, Fred Halliday from New Left Review. MK's visit to Palestinian camps, Sabra and Shatila, later referenced in 'Mea Culpa'; refers to her film made later in 1970s. MK talks about artwork made in late 1960s (refers to William Tucker); detailed description of one work. Mentions Six Day War in Beirut; comments on cultural aspects of Lebanon, religious denominations including Shiites and Sunni Muslims and Maronites. Mentions assassination of political leader Kamal Jounblat. MK's civil marriage in Istanbul and later memories of formalities of coffee making in parents in law's home; describes apartment in Beirut, daily routine and leisure. Memories of MK's mother's illness prior to MK's marriage. MK's familiarity with writings of Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, Augustine, Plato, Plotinus, Schilling and Freud. Mentions visits to Baalbeck and Syria; work shown in Iraq. Circumstances of MK's father in law's funeral. Return to London, husband to LSE [London School of Economics].

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