Blake, Peter (14 of 28).  National Life Stories: Artists' Lives

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    2003-04-22, 2003-06-12, 2003-07-03, 2003-09-04, 2003-11-24, 2003-12-15, 2004-03-22, 2004-07-08, 2004-08-06, 2004-11-11, 2005-02-07

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    Interviewee's studio, London

  • Interviewees

    Blake, Peter, 1932- (speaker, male)

  • Interviewers

    Sandino, Linda, (speaker, female)

  • Abstract

    Part 14: Tape 8: Side B: Continues description of first night partying in LA; anecdote about near fatal drive to David Hockney’s house on Mulholland Drive. Mentions HH’s sexual identity quest. Comments on ‘Have a Nice Day Mr Hockney’. Description of Hockney’s LA home and studios. Impressions of LA and dates of various visits. Loves/hates Venice Beach. Comments on not being recognised in LA and surprise when Americans admire PB’s work. Reflects on art school education received at Gravesend and RCA; repeats account of applying for the RCA and getting a place as a painter. What RCA students wore. Description of settling into a space in the RCA composition room and beginning paintings that were to become PB’s Pop Art. Lists tutors: Johnny Minton, Ruskin Spear, Robert Buhler, Rodney Burns, Rodrigo Moynihan, Carel Weight, Ken Rowntree but especially Colin Hayes who recommended places for PB to visit on scholarship tour. Remarks about shift in student attitude to tutors’ knowledge. How PB was taught at the RCA; description of the drawing donkey, silence in the studio, tutor would draw on student’s drawing. Anecdote about R Spear teaching PB how to draw a leg. Different methods of teaching: Minton friendly before he became morose; Spear was fierce but intrigued with PB’s painting; Rodney Burne would draw and forget you were there. Story about PB submitting work to the 1954 RA Summer Exhibition and James Fitton’s commitment to showing it. Hearing about Minton’s suicide; mentions Terry Frost’s death. Impact of Minton’s death which, was not a surprise because of his disenchanted with the art world of which PB was a part. Tightly knit RCA group because all employed by Darwin; details of R Guyatt and Roger de Grey’s links with Darwin. Tutors were like a family.

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