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Musical Traditions in Uganda;African Writers' Club: BBC Africa Services Collection

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    Music Programmes

  • Recording date

    ca. 1960

  • Performers

    Muyinda, Evaristo 1916-1993 (ennanga [bow harp] / singer, male)

  • Description

    Item notes : Gerhard Kubik presents a programme on the musical traditions of Uganda, including musical recordings made by himself during field work in Uganda from 1959 onwards; the programme starts by looking at the many types of bow harp that exist throughout Uganda, including descriptions of the instruments and a history of its route to Uganda from Egypt; musical recordings include examples of a Ganda ennanga [bow harp]; an Acholi ennanga / nanga [6 string zither]; an Acholi dance with a set of 3 drums attached to a tree trunk; a song by a blind Alur harpist (with 7 strings) who was joined by another singer and 2 gourd rattles; a Logbara player of the likembe [lamellophone] in the West Nile; Kubik then turns to look at music in Southern Uganda, among the Bantu languages (Ganda, Soga and Nyoro) all of which share similar musical repertoires; musical examples include: a set of amakandere horns from Bunyoro, recording made by Hugh Tracey 10 years previously at the Palace of the Omukama Bunyoro; a Soga embaire [xylophone] song; finally some Soga songs with budongo [lamellophone]

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