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    Perry Common, Birmingham, West Midlands: OS Grid Reference(409500,293500)

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    Mullen, Siobhan (female, interviewer)

  • Speakers

    Walton, Aubrey (b.1932/08/09, male, retired bakery worker & musician)

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    Aubrey describes what first inspired him to take up drumming. Erdington and Perry Common (both in the northeast) and Hall Green (in the southeast) are all areas of Birmingham. Anderson shelter refers to the small, prefabricated World War II air-raid shelter devised by Sir William Paterson, a Scottish engineer, and named after the then Home Secretary, Sir John Anderson. Robert Baden-Powell began the Scout Association in 1908. The modern scout movement provides recreational activities and training for around 16 million boys worldwide and has a membership of around 700,000 in the UK. The Boys’ Brigade, founded by William Smith in 1883, is the UK’s largest Christian uniformed youth organisation and provides a wide range of sporting, musical and recreational activities.

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