Klaus Wachsmann Uganda Collection

Akadinda piece. Klaus Wachsmann Uganda Field Recordings

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    Mengo Lubiri = Lubiri palace of the Kabaka [king] at Mengo, Kampala, Uganda

  • Performers

    unidentified (akadinda xylophone)

  • Recordist

    Wachsmann, Klaus, 1907-1984

  • Description

    Item notes : Wachmann's original recording no.: 49.32. Item notes : Culture group in available documentation marked as Mengo Lubiri [however this is the name of the Lubiri palace of the Kabaka [king] at Mengo, Kampala; the culture group is therefore most likely Ganda]. Item notes : [According to Mr V Muyinda and Mr E Ntambi Sebuufu who listened to this recording in 1966 in the Uganda Museum, Kampala, this item is "Akasalaba kagula bina"]. Performer notes : The akadinda can have up to 22 keys

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User notes for this item

This item is commonly called Omunyoro (Omunyole) atunda Nnandere (The Munyoro or Munyole is selling Nile perch. I suspect the numbering of items is wrong in this section of the collection.

Posted by Peter Cooke, Reseasrch Associate, University of Birmingham on 19/10/2015 22:20:00

The title of this song is Omusajja atunda Nandere otherwise known as Omunyole atunda Nandere (the man - or - the Munyole is selling Nandere (Nile Perch). I think it is of kiSoga origin and it has been recorded as a children's counting song (see Peter Cooke Collection). Why it came into the kiGanda royal repertory is not known - however, it is a popular traditional song. I don't know of the title Mr Muyinda gives it.

Posted by Peter Cooke, Hon. Fellow, University of Birmingham on 07/11/2009 09:43:00

Akadinda piece. Klaus Wachsmann Uganda Field Recordings

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