Simon Seligmann Kiribati Collection

Nei Kaue, Kaue Tokaru, Ien Roi and Boutara

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    Simon Seligmann Kiribati Recordings

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    Bikenibeu, Kiribati

  • Performers

    Kaué, Nei (singer, female / ukelele), Teu, Kana (singer, male / guitar), Teu, Lipine (singer, male), Teu, Tuare (guitar)

  • Recordist

    Seligmann, Simon

  • Description

    Item notes: The name of the composer, in brackets, follows the song titles: 1. Ibaka a Tei ou Thatama (Hosea Lavata); 2. Auabousi ni Buug (Ioteba Timau); 3. Tangimaten nei tewia stova (Ioteba Timau); 4. Te kuban rou (Tuare); 5. Tirin te I ango (Teekana Nenetarce).

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Nei Kaue, Kaue Tokaru, Ien Roi and Boutara

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