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Enonyi kolojjo khumutiyeere

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  • Subjects

    Lusoga song

  • Recording date


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    Peter Cooke Uganda Recordings

  • Recording locations

    Bukoona village, near Iganga, Busoga, eastern Uganda

  • Performers

    Silagi, Silagi's group

  • Recordist

    Cooke, Peter

  • Description

    Item note: Lusoga song. Performance note: With instrumental ensemble; instruments include embaire (xylophone), 4 enkwanzi (pan- pipes), 1 akalere (notched flute with 4 fingerholes), 1 ndingidi tube fiddle, one long drum, one "Uganda" drum, rattle. Begins with thumb piano and fiddle (singer plays lamellaphone). Performer's note: Silagi and group. Semi-professional farmer musicians. Group members: Siraji Kirimungo (aged 35) leader, dancer, vocalist and composer; Musa Kirimungo, nkwanzi (panpipes), dancer and drummer; Bakali Kirimungo, Long drum and dancer; Yusuf Kirimungo, Drummer; Perezi Kirimungo, flute; Basalirwa Kirimungo flute; Simon Kirimungo, fiddle; Mudhasi Kirimungo, notched flute; Kalifani Bin Bumali, xylophone; Sulaiti, xylophone; Dhikusooka Kirimungo, Nkwanzi panpipes; Kaawa Kirimungo, dancer; Fred Kirimungo, lamellaphone; Farida Kirimungo, dancer; Awali Bate, flute; Kagoya, dancer. (List supplied by Silaji. Written down by Banadda. Some of the `flutes' must be enkwanzi (panpipes). Contains more names than those who performed for this session. Group is 15 yrs old. Many locals are learning these instruments. Recording note: Tape runs out before end of song. Recorded with Stellavox and Sennheiser omni microphones, 7/12ips stereo. Recordist's note: In Peter Cooke's notes, this is PCUG90.5.4.

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Enonyi kolojjo khumutiyeere

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