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Kilelebun aliwori - when the river has filled

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  • Cultures

    Karamojong (Jie)

  • Shelf mark

    2CDR0006137 (copy of C105/10)

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  • Is part of (Collection)

    Ken Gourlay collection

  • Recording locations

    Wertakau village, east of Kotido, Karamoja, Uganda

  • Recordist

    Oduka, Ahmed

  • Description

    Recorded by Ahmed Oduka as continuation of the African Studies Programme visit to Karamoja.Women's group: Jie Women's rain beseeching-song, sung after sowing when rain is needed to prevent crop failure. Text: Akiwar: Solo: Ye-e-e longiro ngoloti ikimaniae ka ngimoe - O dark-coloured ox (alternatively: the river Longiro), for whose possession we competed with the enemy; Chorus: Ye-e-e Ye-e-e.Song: A-ye-ye-ye Kilelebun Kilelebun alliwori akwap akaale - when the river has filled, all the land is flooded.; Solo 2: Naleleo kelelya - The river Naleleo has overflowed; C1: Ayeoye; S3: Adokimoti keleleya - The river Adokimoti has overflowed; C2: Alivori akwap akaale - all the aldn is flooded; S1 - C1; S4: Iyeoye Iyangayang - Praise be!; C2; S1 ?? - C1; S5: Kailongang Keleleya - The river Kailongang has overflowed; C2; S6: Iyeoye Iyeoye - C1; S7: Oye Keleleya - (it) has overflowed; C2; S7: ? Keleleya - C1; S3 - C2; S8: ? Keleleya - C1; S5 - C2; C1; S3 - C2; S5 - C1; S9: Kaloliokon Keleleya - The river Kakaliokon has overflowed; C2; S3 - C1; (shouting ofox name); 'Naleleo', etc. are 'secret' names used by women in place of the actual names of rivers.

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Kilelebun aliwori - when the river has filled

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