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Kilamilamak ngamuk - Now that he has cast his sandals

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  • Cultures

    Karamojong (Jie)

  • Shelf mark

    2CDR0006137 (copy of C105/10)

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  • Is part of (Collection)

    Ken Gourlay collection

  • Recording locations

    Loseer village on the outskirts of Kotido, Karamoja, Uganda

  • Recordist

    Oduka, Ahmed

  • Description

    A general song (JIE) sung by women to praise a man, especially if he has been away for some time. All items recorded by Ahmed Oduka as continuation of the African Studies Programme visit to Karamoja. Notes and data by Ken A Gourlay except where stated. Text: Solo 1: Akiwar - Solo: Ireri ekone locen ka apakuropuwa - She is looking for her boy friend? The newphew of the 'Father of the ox what raises the dust as it paws the ground.'; Chorus: Ireri ireri ageere - Yes, I am looking for him.Song: Solo 1: Loya alosit ekone - our friend is coming from a distance; Chorus: Oye kilamilamak ngamuk - O yes, he has cast his sandals; Loya also (S overlaps) - He is coming from a...; S1 - C; S2: ngidwe arotoki anangorom - Girls, he has set out from Nangorom - C; S2: Tongere etau oyeye - My heart beats for joy - C; S1 - C Ekone frind; S - Locam - with long strides; S2 - C; S3 - C; S1 - C; S4 Ekone lokong oyeye - Friend Lokong, Ah! - C; S4 - C; S5: Ngidwe arotoki a lomakale - Girls, he has set out from Loakal - C; S1 ? C; S6: Ekone kalany ekone - Friend Kalany, our friend; S7: Ngidwe kerotoka nakija - Girls, he has set out from Nakija - C; S1 - C; ? - C; S3 - C; S1 - C...Loyalosit ekone locam - he has set out from a distance with long strides.; Non-entry of the Soloist leads to completion of chorus and end of song. Sandal-casting is used as a means of deciding whether or not it is propitious to undertake a journey. Place-names are inserted at random, otherwise the young man has taken a remarkable circuitous route.

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Kilamilamak ngamuk - Now that he has cast his sandals

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