Hans-Joachim Heinz Botswana Collection

Music recorded among the !Ko San

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  • Shelf mark

    1CDR0001962 (copy of C312/2)

  • Recording date

    ca. 1960

  • Is part of (Collection)

    Hans-Joachim Heinz collection

  • Recording locations

    Takatshshwane, Botswana

  • Recordist

    Heinz, Dr Hans-Joachim

  • Description

    Item notes: Notes transcribed from handwritten observations supplied with original tapes: Games with musical accompaniments these include, "foot game", "ball game" and "stick game": a) fragmentary 11"; b) "ee-akh!" good 22"; c) fragmentary 15"; d) short song 15"; e) song in 3/4 26"; f) odd rhythm 32"; g) vague (wind rumble) 25"; h) song with clapping and "rrr!" 26"; i) poor quality 17"; j) song with clapping 1'00"; k) song with clapping (poor) 44"; l) song with clapping [vague] 42"; m) song with "rrr! rrr!" 1'04"; n) song with clapping "foot game" 1'50"; singing and beating on box (bitty) 1'28"; Singing and beating on box (good) 24"; Singing and beating on box (poor) 21"; Singing and beating on box (good) 44"; Singing and beating on box (dull) 25"; Singing and beating on box good 1'15"; Dongo (hand piano) - alone, good 1'06"; Dongo with singing (good) 1'15"; Dongo with mouthbow (odd mixture) 40"; Mouthbow alone 23"; Mouthbow alone (occassional electric howls) 1'31"; Dongo - alone, (rather bitty) 45"

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Music recorded among the !Ko San

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