Dinka songs from South Sudan

Nyok Manoon Nyok Part 2

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    Rek (Rek cluster)

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    A Collection of Dinka Songs

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    Nyok Manoon Nyok (performer, male)

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    Elizabeth Achol Ajuet Deng

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    The singer praises his bull, Magak (black with white on the neck) which he compares to a saddle-billed stork. He would like to pay Magak as dowry for a girl of the cattle camp led by a man called Kon. He respects the people of all of the cattle camps in the Tonj district, because of the daughter of Kon's clan. The names of these cattle camps are Nyaang Luo, Nyaang Majok and Rulcok. Rulcok is led by Acuil. He is not a crazy person: he knows where to go. He then shifts to a political theme, and says, Kiir Mayar and Nhial did not change their mind. Our land should know its father: William Deng Nhial. William Deng Nhial died, but the land is ours. It is for black people. God will judge one day. The people in others countries know this land belong to us. We will fight to the end. We will not leave our land to (jur agwek) frog-like foreigner. Then the song returns to the theme of the girl of Kon's cattle camp. He sings: nothing is impossible if you have cows. If you have a disability, mental or physical, and you have many cows, you can marry. Information about performer: age 33, both parents from Tonj area.

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