Bob & Jacqueline Patten English Folk Music Collection

Jim Small interview, part 03

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    (copy of )

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    Priddy, Somerset, England, UK

  • Interviewees

    Speed, "Jim" Ernest James, 1916- (speaker, male)

  • Interviewers

    Patten, Bob (speaker, male)

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    Patten, Bob

  • Abstract

    [variable speed problems from this point onwards] Did folk songs, Morris and sword dancing at school. Going to Morris dancing competitions. Mrs Hill at Harptree was very keen on it. Dancing round the maypole. Lead mining in the area finished in 1912. The miners used to come home from work blue in the face. Because of the lead in the land you can’t keep any livestock, ‘You can’t keep a hen here’. One farmer lost enough livestock to have bought the farm outright. The recent mains water has helped out a bit but the land was tested at 80% lead presence, wonders why they don’t go in for open cast mining. Nearest witch to here is the Witch of Wookey. The room in the New Inn that always had the curtain drawn because it was associated with bad luck. They got burgled three weeks Ago. Other contacts that might be able to help.

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