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Crescent wire recorder and record deck

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    13 nsa 1990

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    Magnetic recorders

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    Crescent Industries, Chicago

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    Made by Crescent Industries, Chicago, USA, in the late 1940s, this is a record player combined with a magnetic recorder using wire. The record turntable doubles as a takeup spool for the wire. It was possible to record from an external microphone or from a record. Playback was via the generously sized speaker at the front of the case. This particular machine in the collection was originally purchased from a department store in Dublin, Ireland. Wire was a very unsatisfactory recording medium as it could not be edited and tangled easily. By the early 1950s, magnetic recording had moved to plastic tape, hence this type of domestic-market wire recorder is a rarity. Dimensions: Width: 360 mm Height: 460 mm Depth: 650 mm

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    Crescent wire recorder and record deck

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Crescent wire recorder and record deck

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