Observing the 1980s

Lewis, Haydn (Part 7 of 11)

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    Interviewee's home, Cardiff

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    Lewis, Haydn, (speaker, male)

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    Edwards, Sian, (speaker, female)

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    Part 7:  Anxiety awaiting Gaynor's test result. Test result HIV positive. Haydn and Gaynor's feelings and emotions hearing test result. Reaction and feelings during next few years. Information from press and medical world. AZT trails starting. Told three years to live. Unclear how Gaynor became infected. Children not aware of parents' diagnosis, difficult situation. Decided not to tell children unless health changed. Added names to litigation process. 1987 10 million pounds ex-gratia payment given to Macfarlan Trust Fund. Hearing of many deaths. Received cheque fifteen thousand pounds, not including Gaynor. Feelings towards government and money received. Spending the money. Not accepting three years to live, until younger men started dying. Coping and staying well. 1990 offered out-of court settlement, advised to accept payment. People dying every week. Feelings towards payment of sisty thousand pounds, based on life expectancy of three to five years. Gaynor awarded twenty thousand pounds. More educated towards events of how infection occurred. Discusses history of government concern over blood product safety, 1976 David Owen suggesting need for blood product self sufficiency for haemophiliacs for fear of Hepatitis. UK unable to reach targets to become self-sufficient in blood products. Belief that as most haemophiliacs already had contact with known viral infection with no long term ill effects importing blood products predominantly from USA was satisfactory answer. Safe blood supply for general public a priority.

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    Interviewed for the Haemophilia and HIV Life History Project

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