Jewish survivors of the Holocaust

Anonymous, 1932- (7 of 9) The Living Memory of the Jewish Community

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    Refugee from Nazi Europe

  • Recording date

    1988-11-10, 1988-11-17 and 1988-12-01

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    The Living Memory of the Jewish Community

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    Interviewee's home

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    Anonymous, 1932- (speaker, female)

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    Glassman, Gaby (speaker, male)

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    Glassman, Gaby

  • Abstract

    Part 7: 1964 - birth of her first child, a daughter. 1966 - birth of second child, a son. 1966 arrival in Alberta, Canada where she stayed until 1989. Lack of ability to adapt to a new environment. 1967 - birth of a third child by Caesarian section, a daughter when she was 35. Mothering ability. Naming after relatives. Circumcision. Thoughts on death. She read Holocaust literature from the age of 21 and started grieving her parents from then on until her meeting with other 'train children' in a television studio in March 1988 for BBC1's "That's Life" programme. She attended survivors' gathering in London in July 1988. Transmission of interviewee's Holocaust experiences onto her children. She went back to work when her children were aged between 4 and 7. At first she worked a year in a hospital. After that she worked in a private practice for 9 years. 1971-1972 sabbatical leave spent at Pasteur Institute in Paris; She bought an apartment in Paris and later one in England too. 1980-1981 second sabbatical in Paris, from where her eldest daughter won an award to go to United World College, she chose to go to the one in Wales. Sibling relationships. Social circle; identity.

  • Description

    Interviewee's note:Interviewee was born in Prague, in a non-practising Jewish family, agnostic. Detailed account of early life and childhood. German invasion of Czechoslovakia; Kindertransport. She arrived in England the 20th of July 1939. Description of a difficult life with foster family. 1947 visit to Prague and Terezin. She was told by aunt and uncle that her parents had died in a concentration camp. She became a nurse and trained as a psychiatric social worker at London School of Economics. She married a non-Jew. Discussion about her children's "Jewishness". Subsequent life and family, feelings about separation from her children. Hostility towards Germans, effect of Holocaust on her whole life.

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