History of the Common Cold Unit

McEwan, Hamish (1 of 2). The Common Cold Unit Recordings

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    Common Cold Unit

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    MacEwan, Hamish (speaker, male)

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    Tyrrell, David, 1925-2005 (speaker, male)

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    Early life and education; registered as a conscientious objector from art school in Edinburgh and placed with the FAU; given paramedic training, including work in surgical theatres. He was sent to Hamham Hill where the FAU had a site; American Red Cross in its infancy at that time. Describes his impression of working there - staff easygoing and informal in some ways, yet rigorous and demanding when it came to isolation procedures.

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    Born in Scotland, Hamish McEwan was a conscientious objector from World War II who was placed with the Friends' Ambulance Unit in Salisbury and given paramedical training. He spent a good deal of time at the American Red Cross-Harvard University Hospital, the seedbed for the future Common Cold Unit

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